Remembering to have Furniture Cleaned

Living room furniture is used on a daily basis and if you have kids you’ll probably getting your money worth out of that furniture.   Furniture needs cleaned depending on your families situation.  Lots of Kids?  Lots of Dogs?  Lots of Cats?  If you said Yes to these than you should probably have your furniture cleaned by us on a regular basis.

Furniture is expensive and that makes it more important to keep it clean and maintained. True Care can get your furniture cleaned quickly as well as ensuring it dries fast and effectively. Experienced companies like True Care knows how to handle any given situation.  In Our experience we can determine treatment and what method to use depending on your fabric.  This will ensure that furniture isn’t ruined by bad cleaning agents or improper cleaning.

Over the counter treatments sometimes can be horrible on furniture and can make matters worse.  Fabric dyes may accidentally be changed and this can ruin the appearance of your furniture.   Our cleaning agents are also safe for your animals and pets.


Excess water can be the big mistake someone makes. This can make matters worse when it comes to drying time. Certified technicians like we have at True Care can ensure that furniture is dried quickly and in a proper way so water doesn’t damage anything. This is more convenient for you.  And the growth of mold or mildew will not occur. Don’t be afraid to call us at True Care for a free estimate on your furniture needs.