Learn How To Properly Keep Your Bathroom Tile Clean

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If you want to keep the tile clean in your bathroom, you have to do a little more than just spray and wipe once a week over the surface on a Saturday cleaning day. Okay, so maybe you clean on another day, but you get the point.

If you think about the bathroom it’s the place in your home that can easily get the dirtiest the quickest. After all, it’s where you go to clean up, and so all that dirt, grime and soap scum can easily build up on the tile. On top of this, the moisture in the bathroom can easily start building up mold and other residue.

So, in order to best keep your tile clean, what you need is a solution to spay daily after each shower. It is not easy to remember to do something daily as far as cleaning, so this is why it’s suggested you make a habit of taking five seconds to spray the tile with this solution right when you’re stepping out of the shower.

This also helps ensure that what you have left in the shower isn’t going to set in, so it’s perfect timing! Of course you’re still going to have to thoroughly clean the tile once a week. And, it would be good to really get down and dirty and do some spring cleaning once or twice a year regarding cleaning and grouting the tile or whatever you choose to do.

Spraying the tile once daily or even twice if you take two showers a day is a great idea, however, and it will keep your tile clean. But, what solution do you use? You can use a gentle homemade solution, or you can buy one of the solutions from the store that is meant specifically for this purpose.