Carpet Cleaning Fayette County GA

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Maintaining your carpets in a clean and sanitary condition is not only important for you and your family, but extends the life of your carpets as well. Dirt gets ground in below the carpet fibers and acts like sandpaper to continually grind away at the fibers and the backing pad,  shortening the life of your carpet dramatically. In addition, dust mites, bacteria, and possibly fleas, can set up home in the organic matter and dirt, causing even more wear and unhealthy conditions for children that like to crawl and play on carpeted  floors. For these reasons it’s important to have your carpet cleaned about every six months if you don’t have pets living in the home, and more often if you do. The question is whether it’s advantageous to hire a professional cleaning service or do-it-yourself, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide.

Carpet Cleaning Fayette County GA

When a do-it-yourselfer tackles the carpet cleaning job, they tend to make a lot of executive decisions to not clean under some of the heavier furniture items, not get into all the nooks and crannies, and maybe they don’t have all the right spot cleaning supplies,  so they leave some parts of the carpet dirty. Problem is, even though you don’t walk on every part of your carpet dirt settles everywhere along with dust mites, fleas, and cooking odors.  Professionals will do a complete wall-to-wall job leaving no stone unturned.


One unfortunate consequence of doing your own carpet cleaning is not having all the right spot treatment chemicals at your disposal for every different kind of stain.  Some stains can be permanently set by using the wrong cleaning method, while other  stains may not be removed at all. A professional has all the right knowledge, plus every different kind of stain removal chemical and technique needed to do the job right, without rushing back to the store for more supplies.

If you’ve ever done your own carpet cleaning in the past, you understand that you need to move all the furniture out of the way, protect it from dampness, then move it back, which can be a backbreaking and difficult job. Not to mention the weight of the carpet cleaning machine and the hassle of picking it up at the local rental store can consume precious hours of your valuable time. Professionals bring trained helpers, in excellent physical condition, they can make quick work of moving heavy furniture while protecting them from moisture.

If you’re not convinced that hiring a professional to clean your carpet is the way to go, do-it-yourself one time while keeping track of the hours, money and muscle aches invested to get a result that you know is not up to par. Then, next time your carpet needs to be cleaned, pick up a phone and call professionals, you’ll be happy you did.