Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA

Professional Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

Many people take for granted the quality of the air that they breathe inside their home or place of work. Indoor air quality however is a matter that everyone should be keenly interested in because it plays a major role in our long term health.

The simple reality is that the majority of air we breathe is indoors. When the indoor environment that we are exposed to is particularly poor, this can lead to people breathing in a tremendous amount of pollutants such as pollen, dander, various types of microbial spores, bacteria and even some types of viruses.

Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA


There are several culprits inside the home that are responsible for bringing down the air quality, but one of the most prolific culprits that many people overlook are their carpets and rugs. While it is certainly true that these types of items can add to a home or workplace’s ‘coziness,’ it is equally true that the fibers of a rug or carpet are particularly suited toward catching and holding onto all of the pollutants mentioned above. Whenever these carpets get jostled or walked upon they release the pollutants into the air for us to breathe in. DogAndCat

The most effective way to combat this problem is through the use of a professional carpet cleaning service. A professional carpet cleaning service, unlike what people are able to do themselves, will go beyond the top layer of the carpet and get deep down into the fibers and matting. They will be able to extract the greatest number of pollutants using deep cleaning vacuuming technology and neutralize the effects of bacteria and viruses through industrial strength cleaners.

Beyond this they will be able to clean your carpets thoroughly without causing any damage to them. This will not only immediately improve your indoor air quality, but it will also prolong the life of the carpet in question.