Learn How To Properly Keep Your Bathroom Tile Clean

Tile Cleaning Hampton GA   If you want to keep the tile clean in your bathroom, you have to do a little more than just spray and wipe once a week over the surface on a Saturday cleaning day. Okay, so maybe you clean on another day, but you get the point. If you think […] Read more »

10 Reasons To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

1. Makes Carpets Last Longer!  Carpets cost a lot of money and with an investment like that you should always take care of them. 2.  Improves your Indoor Air.  Carpet acts like an air filter so making sure that “air filter” is clean is key to a healthy indoor air life. 3.  Makes things easier […] Read more »

Why You Should Search For Carpet Cleaner Reviews?

Carpet cleaner reviews can be very important to people.  We understand this at True Care because we know how many new cleaners come in and out of the business on a consistent rate.   Carpet cleaning companies like ours that want to focus on getting reviews to help you the customer be able to select […] Read more »

Remembering to have Furniture Cleaned

Living room furniture is used on a daily basis and if you have kids you’ll probably getting your money worth out of that furniture.   Furniture needs cleaned depending on your families situation.  Lots of Kids?  Lots of Dogs?  Lots of Cats?  If you said Yes to these than you should probably have your furniture cleaned […] Read more »