Welcome to True Care

Tired of trying to get your carpet clean? Contrary to popular belief, carpet cleaning is not one of those do-it-yourself jobs that yields amazing results. True Care can help! We understand the importance of having clean carpets. Our service can help ensure that carpets are cleaner and more sanitary.

Why Professional Cleaning?

Professional cleaning can rid the home of more bacteria and is just gives a better kind of clean, hands down. We at True Care use only the latest technology to ensure that the carpet is really clean. Popular carpet cleaners sold at retailers only clean the surface, often leaving germs and lots of other debris deep down. This is not the case with the equipment that we use.

befor clean


after clean


Protecting the Flooring

Carpets can be quite expensive, without proper cleaning, damage can result. We know this and go all out to make sure that the carpet is not harmed during the cleaning process. True Care will always go to great lengths to respect the home and belongings as part of our commitment to the clients that we serve.


Another added benefit of using our service is that it is quick-and-easy. True Care can have your carpets cleaned and ready-to-go in little to no time. This is great for the busy homeowner that has other things to do with their time.

Arrived on time and did an outstanding job.

Kermet P.

Billy was very professional and completed the job fast and efficient. I ran a little late returning home, but Billy was still pleasant after waiting about an hour for me. Billy advised if I have any problems with spots reappearing to contact him and he would come out. Well, needless to say I didn’t have to call because I had no spots that reappeared.

Patricia B.